About future of bitcoin.

If anyone thinks of being a very risky 'stock' or 'share' of Bitcoin, which today can make Amir a fakir tomorrow, in which almost everything is tax evasion and fraud, then he can not be blamed at all.
Since such a thing is happening, again the news is being made and people are spreading in the face. The risk is not wrong, Amir / Fakir's prediction is also correct. Those who are part of the bits of coins, they are also saying. But none of these is 'Bitcoin', that's what's going on with bit coins.
Bit coins are one of the most inventive, 'block chains' technology, the first 'cryptocurrency' based on them. Bitcoin is a secure software. Experts agree that the 'block chain' technology at the root of the bits of coins is revolutionary, very reliable. Banks, financial institutions, should also use 'block chains' technology.
Recently, suddenly all of his incredible price blast took place. Nobody can take a walk on this. The Chicago Exchanges have been allowed to sell futures for bitter coins.
Many renowned institutions including Marily Lynch, Bank of America, say this is not 'bubbub'. There is reason behind this increase in prices. Because there is a reason, because there is too much depth.
As much as economic, its equivalent or more technical and scientific. This 'crypto coin' has the power to change society and the economy. Already 'block-chain' has been adopted as a new potential technology. There is a lot of research and concrete discussions on which to contribute in some areas.
Crypto-currency discovery efforts have long been running. It is possible to discover such a coin from 'cryptography' (cryptography), researchers know that in the eighties.
But some of the problems they failed to solve. In two or eight eight years, an unknown researcher resolved all those problems and sent a research paper to the Internet forum.
Wonderfully his solution is useful. His name is "Block-chain" Based on the block-chain, the first 'crypto-coin' is invented, whose name is Bitakayne. Due to its sky-high prices, and due to high frequency, most of the people in this present time are considered as assets without thinking of money.
Then many more crypto-coins have been invented, such as Etherium, Ripol, Light Coins etc. But Bitcoin was the first crypto currency, and many researchers were ahead of others because of attracting investors' attention. But another crypto-coin can suddenly bitcoin completely bankrupt by stepping up, that is a big risk factor for investing.
No one can say who will go forward. Now there are some hundred crypt-coins in the market again, and of course there will be many more new currencies imported. So, making sure about investing is not easy. Many people ask, what is this currency look like? There is no real existance of this currency.
It's a computer software. In many of the pictures, the gold barges in the English B character to be written, even Souvenir can be found. That's not a bitcoin.


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